Kristin Ljungkvist

Nonresident Fellow, Global Cities

Areas of expertise: Global Cities


Kristin Ljungkvist is assistant professor at the Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership at the Swedish Defence University. She received her PhD in political science at the Department of Government, Uppsala University, Sweden, in 2014, where she also held a post-doc fellowship from The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund.

Her research focuses on global cities, urban security and warfare, and on urban dimensions of global challenges such as terrorism and climate change. She is the author of The Global City 2.0 – From Strategic Site to Global Actor (2016, Routledge).

Ljungkvist has previously been a research fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. She has also been a visiting researcher at the Center on Terrorism at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. Previous positions also include being an analyst at the Swedish Defence University with a focus on European crisis management, as well as member of the European Policy Centre  Task Force on Managing Emergencies. Currently, Ljungkvist also teaches international politics at Uppsala University.


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