Anne-Marie Slaughter on Women, Men, Work, and Family

Anne-Marie Slaughter, President and CEO, New America; Bert G. Kerstetter '66 University, Professor Emerita Princeton University

State of the Unions: The EU and the US in the 21st Century

Johan Van Overtveldt, Minister of Finance, Belgium; Author

Otherworldly Politics

Stephen Dyson, PhD; Author; Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Connecticut

Public, Young Professionals
2% Growth: The New US Normal or an Opportunity for More?

Glenn Hubbard, Dean and Russell L. Carson Professor of Finance and Economics, Columbia Business School

Cybersecurity and the C-Suite

Linsey Rubenstein, Vice President, Business and Supply Chain Systems, The Boeing Company; Tony Sager, Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist, Center for Internet Security; Randal Cox, Chief Scientist, Rippleshot. Moderated by Jake Braun.

The Robot Revolution

Brenna Argall, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Northwestern University; Henrik Christensen, KUKA Chair of Robotics, Georgia Tech Institute of Technology; Robin Murphy, Raytheon Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University. Moderated by Kurt Haunfelner.

American Intelligence in the Age of Terror

Michael V. Hayden, Former Director, Central Intelligence Agency; Former Director, National Security Agency. In conversation with Ivo H. Daalder.

Member Exclusive: Secretary Robert Gates on Leadership

The Honorable Robert M. Gates, Former US Secretary of Defense

Homegrown Terrorists: The Rise of Jihadism in the US

Peter Bergen, Vice President, New America; National Security Analyst, CNN

Axelrod on the 2016 Elections

David Axelrod, Director, Institute of Politics; former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama. In conversation with Natasha Korecki.