Evolution of Revolution: Lessons from the Eastern Bloc

Anne Applebaum, Columnist, Washington Post, and Phillipe Roman Professor of International History, London School of Economics. Introduced by The Honorable Paulina Kapuscinska.

The Veil of Uncertainty: What Next for the World Economy?

Edward P. Lazear, Jack Steele Parker Professor of Human Resources Management and Economics, Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Introduced by David Johnson.

Saudi Arabia and the New Middle East

Karen Elliott House, Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist and former Foreign Editor and Publisher, The Wall Street Journal. Introduced by Marshall M. Bouton.

The Great Commodities Race

Dambisa Moyo, Author and Economist. Introduced by Greg Goldner.

American Military Power in the 21st Century

Thomas Ricks, Journalist and Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security

Leadership Circles
Singapore's Tiger Economy and Global Economic Challenges

His Excellency Ashok Kumar Mirpuri, Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to the United States. Introduced by Marshall M. Bouton.

Ecuador and Latin America: New Heights

Her Excellency Nathalie Cely Suárez, Ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador to the United States. Introduced by Carlos A. Cabrera.

Maonomics: Communism With a Profit Motive

Loretta Napoleoni, Associate Lecturer, Judge Business School, Cambridge University. Introduced by Michael DiMedio.

The Future of the American Economy

Peter R. Orszag, Vice Chairman, Corporate and Investment Banking, Citigroup, Inc. Introduced by Bruce Heyman.

The Impact of Resource Scarcity on National Security

Rachel Kleinfeld, ounder and President, Truman National Security Project; Drew Sloan, Client Solutions Executive, Opower. Introduced by Niamh King.