The Global Classroom: Creating Universal Citizens

Cary Bolnick, World Studies Teacher, Farragut Career Academy ; Cindy Lo, High School Senior, Naperville Central High School; Heather Singmaster, Director, Center for Global Education, Asia Society. Moderated by Abigayil Joseph.

What’s Your Story? Connecting Chicago to the Top of the World

Geoff Green, Founder and President, Students on Ice Foundation; Imran Khan, Founder and CEO, Embarc; Maatalii Okalik, Former President, National Inuit Youth Council; Nelson Tagoona, Professional Beatboxer/Guitarist, Solo Throatbox Inventor; Cassy Jade, Singer and Songwriter. Moderated by Steve Bynum; Bruce and Vicki Heyman.

Accidental Presidents: Eight Men Who Changed America

Jared Cohen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jigsaw

John Hickenlooper on American Foreign Policy

John Hickenlooper, Former Governor, State of Colorado

Gender, Sexuality, and the City: Discourse in the Public Square

James Cappleman, Alderman of Chicago’s 46th Ward ; Natalie Moore , South Side Reporter, WBEZ; Juliane Wolf, Design Principal, Studio Gang. Moderated by Katelyn Jones.

Young Professionals
Ideas with Impact: Emerging Leaders Confront Global Challenges

Silvia Beltrametti, Lecturer, School of Art Institute of Chicago; Zachary Brown, Former Principal, Milliman; Michael Hubbard, Portfolio Manager, Thrivent Mutual Funds; Alex Kruzel, President & Partner, Market Strategy Group; Nalini Prakash Hart, Managing Director, KPMG; And other participants

Check the Label- Brands as Sustainability Ambassadors

John Edelman, Managing Director, Global Engagement and Corporate Responsibility, Edelman; James Ossman, Senior Director, Workplace and Strategic Sourcing, Etsy ; Céline Semaan Vernon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Slow Factory and The Library Study Hall. Moderated by Cristina Alesci.

Big Tech: A Disruptor of Democracy?

Julia Cagé, Assistant Professor of Economics, Sciences Po Paris; Dina Srinivasan, Tech Entrepreneur and Former Advertising Executive; Matt Stoller, Fellow, Open Markets Institute. Moderated by Guy Rolnik.

Council Screening of 'The Prosecutors': Ending Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

Leslie Thomas, Director and Producer, The Prosecutors; Founder, ART WORKS Projects; Kim Thuy Seelinger, Director, Sexual Violence Program, Human Rights Center, Berkeley School of Law; Patricia Viseur Sellers, Special Advisor for Gender, Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court. Moderated by Steve Bynum.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

Leadership Circles