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The Geopolitics of Energy

CSIS’ Adam Sieminski joined the Financial Times’ Ed Crooks for a conversation on the geopolitical dimensions of global energy markets.
Adam Sieminski
Ed Crooks
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Energy and politics are inextricably linked—and shape each other. From the Industrial Revolution to the US shale gas revolution, the dynamics of energy supply and demand have played a pivotal role in global economics and security. And in an increasingly connected world, the geopolitics of energy will likely become even more complex. How would US energy independence impact American foreign policy in the Middle East and beyond? What effect would trade wars or environmental degradation have on energy markets? Might renewable energy or new technologies shift the international balance of power? 

About the Speakers
Adam Sieminski
Adam Sieminski, James R. Schlesinger Chair for Energy and Geopolitics, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Ed Crooks
Ed Crooks, Editor, US Industry and Energy, Financial Times