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The Diplomatic Dissent Channel

Former diplomat Elizabeth Shackelford joined the Council for a conversation on the state of dissent in US foreign policy.
Elizabeth Shackelford
Richard C. Longworth
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Diplomats are tasked with representing their country abroad—even when they disagree with policy decisions. The dissent channel allows US diplomats a medium to criticize policy without fear of retribution. However, does speaking truth to power make a difference, and are diplomats who make use of the dissent channel really protected? Reflecting on some of the most consequential diplomatic episodes from recent administrations, former diplomat Elizabeth Shackelford joins the Council for a conversation on the state of dissent in US foreign policy.

Copies of Elizabeth Shackelford's book, The Dissent Channel: American Diplomacy in a Dishonest Age, are available to purchase from The Book Cellar.

About the Speakers
Senior Fellow, US Foreign Policy
Council staff Elizabeth Shackelford
Elizabeth Shackelford, former career US diplomat, joined the Council in January 2021. Her work focuses on building awareness and understanding of a "restraint" approach to foreign policy, which seeks to limit the use of military force to the defense of core US national security interests and favors robust diplomatic engagement.
Council staff Elizabeth Shackelford
Distinguished Fellow, Global Cities
Council expert Richard C. Longworth
Richard Longworth is a distinguished fellow on global cities at the Council, and is the author of "On Global Cities", an eBook published by the Council. For 20 years, Longworth was a foreign correspondent and served four years as the Chicago Tribune’s chief European correspondent. He was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, has won the Overseas Press Club award twice, and was a finalist two times for the Pulitzer Prize.
Council expert Richard C. Longworth