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Continuity of Government in Times of Crisis

A panel of experts examine how the United States can ensure critical government functions continue amid a catastrophe.
Susan Low Bloch
Aziz Huq
Norman Ornstein
Matthew Abbott
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About this Event

The events that transpired at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 marked the most destructive breach of the building since the War of 1812. At multiple points in recent history – including the Capitol attack, the COVID- 19 pandemic, and 9/11 – numerous senior government officials could have been incapacitated at once. Is the American political system adequately protected to ensure the continuity of government during a crisis? Experts examine potential steps to ensure critical government functions continue in the wake of a catastrophic event.

About the Speakers
Professor of Law, Georgetown Law
Headshot of Susan Low Block
Susan Low Bloch joined the Georgetown Law Center faculty in 1982. She teaches Constitutional Law I and II, Federal Courts, Communications Law, and a seminar on the Supreme Court. In November 1998, she testified before the House Judiciary Committee as one of 19 constitutional law experts on what is an impeachable offense.
Headshot of Susan Low Block
Frank and Bernice J. Greenberg Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School
Aziz Huq’s teaching and research interests include constitutional law, criminal procedure, federal courts, and legislation. Before joining the Law School faculty, Huq worked as associate counsel and then director of the Liberty and National Security Project of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, litigating cases in both the US Courts of Appeals and the Supreme Court.
Emeritus Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
Headshot of Norman Ornstein
Norman J. Ornstein has studied politics, elections, and the US Congress for more than four decades. He created “Vital Statistics on Congress” in 1980, a go-to-reference guide that provides impartial data for congressional watchers, and is updated every two years. He is also a longtime participant of AEI’s Election Watch series and an adviser to the Continuity of Government Commission.
Headshot of Norman Ornstein
Director, Government and Diplomatic Programs
Council staff Matt Abbott
Matthew Abbott joined the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in 2015 as the director of government and diplomatic programs.
Council staff Matt Abbott