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For so long a fringe idea, guaranteed income is now going mainstream. Today, cities and countries across the world are experimenting with cash payments to their populations and the concept is being discussed among the contenders to be America’s next president. Members of the Council’s Young Professionals Network are invited to examine guaranteed income with Economic Security Project cofounder Natalie Foster and senior fellow Ameya Pawar. Through an interactive salon-style conversation, Natalie, Ameya, and YPs will discuss how guaranteed income schemes work and consider whether they can live up to the hype as tools for tackling inequality and preparing the workforce for increased automation.

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YP In-Depth: Series Information 
YP In-Depth is a new programming series that aims to provide opportunities for members of the Council’s Young Professionals Network to engage substantively with critical global issues of the day. Each program is structured to allow attendees to examine a selected topic through conversations with an expert speaker and their peers, with the goals of generating informed perspectives and working toward solutions.

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