Salon Topic
Welcome to the Anthropocene—the epoch when humans have become the dominant force in the natural environment. No longer a distant concern, humanity’s altering of the climate through the burning of fossil fuels is already contributing to a near-constant stream of extreme weather events, including fires, floods, and droughts. In the face of such change, what actions can humans take to ensure the survival of societies and the ecosystems upon which they depend? Members of the Council’s Young Professionals Network are invited to discuss climate resilience in the face of catastrophe with Leonardo Martinez-Diaz. Through an interactive salon-style conversation, Martinez-Diaz and YPs will discuss life in the Anthropocene.

Participants should read the advance resource ahead of the salon. 

YP In-Depth: Series Information 
YP In-Depth is a new programming series that aims to provide opportunities for members of the Council’s Young Professionals Network to engage substantively with critical global issues of the day. Each program is structured to allow attendees to examine a selected topic through conversations with an expert speaker and their peers, with the goals of generating informed perspectives and working toward solutions.

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