Your Global Life: Meaningful Travel

Katalina Mayorga, Founder and CEO, El Camino Travel; Aaron Mertz, Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow, The Rockefeller University; Kathryn Pisco, Cofounder and CEO, Unearth the World. Moderated by Mary Barnicle.

Your Global Life: Meaningful Travel

Snorkeling in Mozambique – good for the local economy, or bad for the local ecosystem? What about being an early traveler to a country like Cuba? As travel and tourism extend access to emerging markets, global citizens can use their dollars, time, and social media currency to achieve tremendous impact. Volunteer travel, international work fellowships, and working with socially responsible travel companies are all options for travelers seeking more meaningful and immersive experiences. How can the next generation of travelers benefit from – and support – the places they visit?

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Slum Tourism: How It Began, The Impact It Has, And Why It Became So Popular
Wade Shepard, Forbes, 07/16/2016.

The Voluntourist’s Dilemma
Jacob Kushner, New York Times Magazine, 03/22/2016.

Who Does Slum Tourism Benefit?
Rachel Nuwer, NovaNext, 04/15/2015


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