Will America Remain the World’s Policeman? Should It?

Fareed Zakaria, Journalist and Author

Fareed Zakaria: Will America Remain the World's Policeman? Should It?

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs welcomes CNN’s Fareed Zakaria for the sold-out grand opening of its new Conference Center.

This election season, candidates and commentators alike have claimed the United States is losing its power to influence and shape geopolitics. Much of the Middle East is in turmoil, China is pursuing an aggressive course of action in the South China Sea, and Russia’s offensives in Ukraine have even raised the prospect of war with NATO. It is not for lack of trying: there was Obama’s attempt to sway British voters in advance of the EU referendum, his “red line” in Syria, the much-discussed pivot to Asia. Yet the nagging concern that America is losing its mojo is contradicted by the Iran deal and the opening of relations with Cuba, foreign policy successes that demonstrate America’s leadership. Is it that America is on the decline or that the international system is simply more complex? Do Americans still support US global leadership?

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