When the Renminbi Rules the World

Arvind Subramanian, Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics and Center for Global Development

Arvind Subramanian believes that economic turmoil in the United States and Europe is helping to accelerate the rise of a new Chinese economic world order. Chinese GDP and purchasing power may soon be larger than America’s—Dr. Subramanian expects that the renminbi could displace the dollar as the premier reserve currency within the next decade. For a United States struggling to deal with its declining superpower status, China’s future dominance seems all but certain. Can the United States reverse this trend? What would the world look like with a Chinese-led economy?

Speaker Bio


Subramanian, "Why China Should Bail Out Europe," The New York Times, 10/27/2011

Additional Information

His latest book, Eclipse: Living in the Shadow of Chinese Economic Dominance, will be available for purchase and signing following the program.