Water and Sustainability - The Conversation Continues in Chicago

Prasanta Kalita, Professor and Presidential Fellow, University of Illinois System; Sera Young, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University. Moderated by Michael Tiboris.

By 2050, over half of the world’s population could be at risk due to stress on water resources. How will we grow an adequate quantity—and quality—of food to feed and nourish a rapidly growing, urbanizing world in the face of increasing water insecurity? The release of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ new report From Scarcity to Security: Managing Water for a Nutritious Food Future in Washington, DC in March highlighted the critical nature of this issue, the obstacles to be resolved, and the innovative solutions that will help us achieve water- and food-security. We’ll hear from some of those thought leaders and innovators in this rapid-fire flashtalk series program.

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