Warlords of Ivory

Sport Beattie, Founder and CEO, Game Rangers International; Sally Case, CEO, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation; John Heminway, Writer and Filmmaker. Moderated by John Bates.

Warlords Of Ivory by The Chicago Council

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  Zambia’s Kafue National Park is on the frontline of the global fight to save endangered species. Despite an international moratorium on the ivory trade, recent years have seen Kafue’s elephant population pushed to the brink of extinction. A global black market for ivory products is thriving today, enabled by porous borders and weak enforcement, and linking ruthless poachers in Africa to warlords, terrorists, and unscrupulous collectors across the world. How are NGOs and governments attempting to disrupt the global ivory trade? And in the face of an intensifying struggle to protect the world’s endangered species, what lessons can be learned from the battle for Kafue? Join The Chicago Council for a screening of the documentary “Warlords of Ivory” and an expert panel discussion on the global wildlife wars.


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How to Trap Elephant Poachers With Their Own Technology
Drazen Jorgic, Reuters, 02/10/2016

Trade Sanctions for Three Countries Over Illegal Ivory
Adam Cruise, National Geographic, 01/19/2016

Why Shutting Down China’s Ivory Trade Won’t Be Easy
Laurel Neme, National Geographic, 01/08/2016

Case Proven: Ivory Trafficking Funds Terrorism
Paula Kahumbu with Andrew Halliday, The Guardian, 08/30/2015



5:30 p.m.
Registration and cash bar reception

6:00 p.m.
Documentary screening and panel discussion

7:30 p.m.

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