VIRTUAL: YP In-Depth on Vaccine Nationalism

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub, Faculty Director, Global Health Delivery Project, Harvard University; Associate Physician, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Salon Topic
The promise of a COVID-19 vaccine looms, but we may soon face another crisis – vaccine accessibility. While a coordinated global effort and concrete accountability measures could ensure equitable access, nations depend on and encourage competition to advance in the global economy. The United States and China refused to join 172 countries in the COVAX initiative that aims to provide a global network of vaccine distribution. Members of the Council’s Young Professionals Network are invited to learn and discuss the notion of "vaccine nationalism" and the challenges and opportunities of global cooperation on distributing a vaccine with Dr. Weintraub.

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YP In-Depth is a programming series that aims to provide opportunities for members of the Council’s Young Professionals Network to engage substantively with critical global issues of the day. Each program is structured to allow attendees to examine a selected topic through conversations with an expert speaker and their peers, with the goals of generating informed perspectives and working toward solutions.

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