VIRTUAL: President's Club Conversation on China, the FBI, and Industrial Espionage

Mara Hvistendahl, Investigative Reporter, The Intercept; Yangyang Cheng, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Cornell University

Industrial espionage by Chinese companies is a catalyst for the United States’ recent trade war with China and one of the top counterintelligence targets of the FBI. But efforts to stem the problem have been largely ineffective. Through previously unreleased FBI files and her reporting from across the United States and China, Mara Hvistendahl describes a long history of counterintelligence missteps relating to China, and questions the role that corporate influence plays in trade secrets theft cases brought by the US government. The author and investigative journalist joins President’s Club members for a private discussion about the scale of industrial espionage efforts against US companies by China, why the counterintelligence has often failed to get to grips with this threat, and what is at stake.

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