Is a Two-State Solution in the Cards for Israel and Palestine?

Rolly Gueron, Former Division Chief in the Mossad; Steering & Executive Committee Member, Commanders for Israel’s Security; Nimrod Novik, Israel Fellow, Israel Policy Forum; Steering & Executive Committee Member, Commanders for Israel’s Security

Why is a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine so hard to achieve? The contours for such a deal continue to split public opinion. Bedrock demands, including where to draw the border line and how to divide the capital Jerusalem, as well as concerns regarding refugees, demographics, and security, all pose obstacles to solidifying a deal. In light of these impediments, what would a well-designed interim plan look like? Join the Council, Rolly Gueron, and Nimrod Novik for an overview of their "Security First plan" to prevent a new wave of violence, upgrade Israeli and Palestinian security, and pave the way for a two-state solution.

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