The Trump Presidency: One Year Later

David Axelrod, Institute Director, The University of Chicago Institute of Politics; Former Senior Advisor, President Barack Obama; Timothy Naftali, Clinical Associate Professor, New York University; Presidential Historian, CNN; Kori Schake, Distinguished Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University; Former Senior Policy Advisor, McCain-Palin Campaign. Moderated by McKay Coppins.

The Trump Presidency: One Year Later

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The first year of President Donald J. Trump’s administration has been unlike that of any other American president. Trump’s prolific use of Twitter, willingness to reevaluate long-held policies and alliances, and populist nationalism have made a significant impact on his presidency and his party. Meanwhile, the administration’s efforts in the coming year to contain the threat posed by North Korea, deal with a resurgent Russia, and broker peace in the Middle East will help shape its ultimate legacy. How will the first year of the Trump presidency be judged by historians in years to come? Is the American presidency as an institution being changed in ways that will have an impact on future officeholders and the country as a whole?

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