Sustainable Development Goals: Where Are We Now?

Laura Alonso, Secretary of Public Ethics, Transparency and Anti-Corruption, Anti-Corruption Office of Argentina; Alyse Nelson, President and CEO, Vital Voices Global Partnership; Rosana Schaack, Founder and Executive Director, Touching Humanity In Need of Kindness. Moderated by Niamh King.


This year’s UN General Assembly in September will focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and high on the agenda will be the discussion of gender equality. Stemming from the 1995 Beijing Fourth World Conference on Women a political will and a heightened connectedness among women fighting for gender equality has been unleashed. From NGOs empowering women and girls at the grassroots level, to female tech entrepreneurs using innovative business solutions in remote regions—solution-orientated approaches led by women are reducing gender discrimination across the world. Join the Chicago Council and leaders across different fields and continents to discuss what these initiatives have meant to them, their journeys of empowerment, and how the SDGs can bring about collaborative change?

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