State of the Unions: The EU and the US in the 21st Century

Johan Van Overtveldt, Minister of Finance, Belgium; Author

State of the Unions: The EU and the US in the 21st Century by The Chicago Council

The recent developments in Greece highlight the ongoing political and economic crisis in the European Union. The euro—created to foster political unity and economic convergence—now appears to generate discord and uncertainty. Eurosceptic parties are gaining strength, while the United Kingdom is planning a referendum on its EU membership. Meanwhile, according to the Federal Reserve, the economic outlook for the US continues to improve. Moreover, Belgian Finance Minister Van Overtveldt argues that America’s unique blend of historical, institutional, and sociological elements will allow it to dominate globally in the 21st century. Please join The Chicago Council and Minister Van Overtveldt for an assessment of the current situation and future prospects for Europe and America.

Van Overtveldt’s latest book, A Giant Reborn: Why the US Will Dominate the 21st Century (Agate B2), will be available for purchase and signing from The Book Cellar after the program.

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Presentation and discussion

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Adjournment and book signing

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