Secretary Vilsack on Innovation in Agriculture

The Honorable Tom Vilsack, Secretary, US Department of Agriculture

US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, "Innovation In Agriculture"

In the decades to come, our global food system will face unprecedented strains. Demand for nutritious foods will rise dramatically as the world population grows by two billion and the global middle class burgeons. Scarce natural resources and climate change will produce higher temperatures, changes in rainfall patterns, and more frequent natural disasters that, if unaddressed, will reduce the growth in food production. A recent Chicago Council study finds that failing to act risks food shortages and higher food prices, which could perpetuate poverty and social instability and limit the economic prosperity of food producers and businesses at home and abroad. This topic came to light at the recent United Nations Climate Summit, where President Obama joined with other nations to launch the Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture in an effort to mitigate climate change’s effects through sound agriculture and energy innovations and investments.

Join us for a discussion with Secretary Tom Vilsack on how innovation in US agriculture is helping to reduce hunger and advance a safe, nutritious, and affordable food supply both in the US and abroad. This event will be live streamed.

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