Refugees, Migrants, and People on the Move

Karen AbuZayd, Commissioner, Independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria, United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva; Kathleen Newland, Senior Fellow and Cofounder, Migration Policy Institute. Moderated by Juliet Sorensen.

Refugees, Migrants, and People on the Move

The number of refugees, asylum-seekers, and internally displaced people around the world has topped 65 million according to UNHCR. Increased terrorist groups like Boko Haram and al-Shabaab, civil conflicts in Syria and the Middle East, and economic disparities have spurred a complex web of migration routes globally. Amidst these migration flows women and children are affected disproportionately, facing a greater risk of sexual violence and trafficking, economic exploitation, and emotional trauma. Are emergency response systems prioritizing the most vulnerable people? What services are available for migrants and refugees at every stage of their journey?


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