Red and Blue: America and the Millennial Agenda

Bob Dold, Former Member, US House of Representatives (R-IL10); Craig Kafura, Assistant Director, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy; Robin Kelly, Member, US House of Representatives (D-IL2) Moderated by Natasha Korecki.

Red and Blue: America and the Millennial Agenda

Millennials are now the most populous living generation in the United States, and have overtaken baby-boomers and Gen Xers in becoming the largest voting group. As the most sizeable demographic in the electoral system, their opinions and values in shaping future party policies and political institutions are more apparent than ever. With increased demographic, political, technological, and global shifts to their core platforms, how will the Republican and Democratic parties engage millennials? And with two-thirds of youth fearful about America’s future according to the Harvard Public Opinion Project, how will the parties address millennial concerns and pressing issues on immigration, climate change, and terrorist threats?

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