President's Club Silver Dinner with Christopher Tucker - Global Population Crisis

Dr. Christopher Tucker, Chairman, American Geographical Society

How many people can the Earth support? Dr. Christopher Tucker makes the case that the Earth’s "carrying capacity" is limited to 3 billion humans, and that humanity’s century long binge has incurred an unsustainable ecological debt that must be paid down promptly, or else cataclysm awaits. Given that our species has already surpassed 7.5 billion, and is fast approaching 9 billion or more, everyone who cares about the fate of our planet and our species has a responsibility to understand this crisis. Dr. Christopher Tucker's new book, A Planet of 3 Billion, is for anyone who is interested in the world around them, concerned about the fate of the planet, and seeking insights that can help them become part of the solutions that would put us on a path to a resilient future.

Leadership supporters at the President's Club Silver level or higher and their guests are invited to join Dr. Christopher Tucker for a private dinner discussion. The dinner conversation will include a look at Dr. Tucker's launch of the multi-year strategic dialog known as Geography2050, which focused on the vital trends that will reshape the geopgraphy of our planet over the coming decades. He will also discuss the creation of, in which he pioneered the democratization of spatio-temporal data, and its use to understand our rich past, our complex present, and our uncertain future.

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6:15 p.m. President's Club Silver Dinner

8:30 p.m. President's Club Silver Dinner Adjournment