President's Club Conference Call: Election Interference

Gideon Cohn-Postar, Fellow, Chicago Council on Global Affairs; PhD Candidate, History, Northwestern University

President’s Club members and above are invited to an exclusive off the record conference call with Chicago Council on Global Affairs fellow and Northwestern University PhD candidate Gideon Cohn-Postar. When it comes to reports of voter and election fraud it is difficult to sort through what is real, what is illegal, and what should be illegal but somehow is not. Cohn-Postar will discuss the history of electoral shenanigans in the US and abroad in light of the growing debate over discriminatory election laws and voter coercion. He will share his research on how economic intimidation of voters has shaped election laws and how those laws have shaped the development of industrial capitalism and liberal democracy.

This call is a complimentary and an exclusive opportunity provided to President’s Club members, those who donate a minimum of $1,000 annually. Want to join? Join online today or contact a member of our membership team at +1 312-256-8559.

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11:55 a.m. Dial in

12:00 p.m. Discussion & Q&A

12:50 p.m. Adjournment