Preparing Today's Workforce for Tomorrow's Economy

Courtney Brown, Vice President of Strategic Impact, Lumina Foundation; Rob Paral, Nonresident Fellow, Global Cities; Juan Salgado, Chancellor, City Colleges of Chicago. Moderated by Douglas Belkin.

Preparing Today's Workforce for Tomorrow's Economy

The majority of jobs in the future are expected to require post-secondary educational attainment and credentials that recognize specialized training and skills. Yet today only 40 percent of the US labor force possess degrees beyond a high school diploma. After several years of strong job growth many employers are struggling to find workers with the required skills while workers struggle to find meaningful employment. How should post-secondary education itself be re-envisioned to adapt to an increasingly diverse population and meet future labor force demands? Does the United States need to rethink immigration policy and business practices, and is there an appetite for such change?

The Council’s latest report, Ready to Work: Understanding Immigrant Skills in the US to Build a Competitive Labor Force, will also be discussed at the program. Generous support for this event is provided by the Lumina Foundation.

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