Pray the Devil Back to Hell: Women Waging Peace in Liberia

Leymah Roberta Gbowee, Executive Director, Women Peace and Security Network Africa; Gini Reticker, Director, Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Liberia’s fourteen years of civil war, 1989 to 2003, destroyed the country’s economic and social fabric. At the grassroots level, Liberia’s women contributed to forging peace and allowing the country to begin to rebuild from the ashes of war. The documentary film Pray the Devil Back to Hell chronicles how Liberian women from different religions and ethnicities united through non-violent resistance, taking on violent warlords and staging a silent protest outside the Presidential Palace in a quest for peace that would alter the course of Liberia’s history. Join us for the first program of our 2011-2012 Women and Global Development Forum series, featuring a screening of the film followed by a discussion with the Liberian leader of the women’s movement for peace and the film's director.

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