POSTPONED - China and the US: A Lifetime in a Defining Era

Weijian Shan, Group Chairman, CEO, PAG

Due to the weather, this program has been postponed. Refunds will be issued and the new date for the program will be announced shortly.

There are very few that truly understand China’s economy. Fewer still that understand the economies of both China and the United States. Weijian Shan is one of those rare few – and he didn’t get his education purely from school. Directly after elementary school, Shan was forced into years of hard labor in the Gobi Desert, only to maneuver himself to the United States to receive a PhD and ultimately a renowned teaching position. From his time in US institutions to his current position at one of Asia’s largest private equity firms, he has seen every level of China’s economy in ways that almost no one else has. Shan will share his story and his views on how the United States and China will fare in the coming years as each face vastly different, yet intertwined, challenges.

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5:15 pm

5:30 pm
Presentation and Q&A 

6:30 pm
Adjournment and book signing

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