Pandemic Panic: Protecting an Interconnected World

Ron Klain, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Revolution LLC; Anita Patel, Senior Advisor, Pandemic Medical Care and Countermeasures, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Moderated by Ertharin Cousin.

Pandemic Panic: Protecting an Interconnected World

Despite extensive health advancements following the Spanish Flu, HIV, and SARS pandemics, the world is still highly vulnerable to the spread of infectious diseases. In fact, the number of outbreaks has more than tripled in the last forty years. Without coordinated public health action, experts predict that the next pandemic—one with the potential to take millions of lives and cost the global economy billions of dollars—is not a matter of “if, but when”. How can we strengthen our health systems, prepare our global cities, and educate our communities to best prevent it?

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