Out of Balance: Sustaining Economic Growth in China

Nicholas R. Lardy, Anthony M. Solomon Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Imbalances within China’s economy threaten the future of its economic growth. These imbalances, which developed in the prelude to the global economic crisis, include low domestic consumption relative to GDP, an outsized industrial sector, and massive foreign exchange reserves. As the world looks for help to sustain the fragile global economic recovery, China’s policy responses both during and in the aftermath of the global crisis have enormous consequences. What was China’s response to the global economic crisis, and has it been effective? What policy changes and reforms must China make now to rebalance its economy and why haven’t they done so sooner? What are the implications of China’s response to the global crisis for the United States and the rest of the world? Please join The Chicago Council with the Peterson Institute’s Nicholas R. Lardy as he explains the arguments in his latest book: Sustaining China’s Economic Growth After the Financial Crisis.

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Lardy’s new book, Sustaining China's Economic Growth After the Global Financial Crisis, will be available for purchase and signing following the program.