The New Colombia: Open for Business

His Excellency Gabriel Silva Luján, Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia

President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón assumed office in 2010 with a mandate to improve Colombia’s pro-business policies and free-trade pursuits of the last decade. When implemented, the U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement signed by President Obama in 2011 should further enhance Colombia’s economic development and long standing relationship with the United States, while simultaneously helping to grow the American economy by opening new markets, increasing exports, and creating new jobs. Colombia’s future is not without risks, however, including a stubborn domestic insurgency, organized crime, potentially volatile neighbors, and the overall fragility of the global economy, among others. In this environment, what policies must Colombia pursue to continue its development and economic growth? What is the current business climate like for both foreign and domestic investors, and how is Colombia seeking to improve it? Please join The Chicago Council with Ambassador Gabriel Silva Luján for a discussion of business and policy in the new Colombia.

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