The New Asian Order: And How America Can Compete

Evan A. Feigenbaum, Vice Chairman, Paulson Institute

The New Asian Order: And How America Can Compete by The Chicago Council

Spurred by the rise of Asian economic powerhouses China, Japan, and India, new political and economic institutions and pacts are emerging across the Asia-Pacific region. Encouraged by rapid economic growth and declining reliance on the West following the 2008 financial crisis, an era of pan-Asianism is set to strengthen integration among Asian countries through enterprises such as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, and the newly formed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. As the US seeks to maintain its influence in the region through initiatives such as the Obama Administration’s ‘Pivot’ to Asia and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, how can the US compete? How should it engage the region, including these new pan-Asian organizational arrangements that currently exclude America? How will the increase of Asia-only integration impact US interests and leadership in the region?

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