NATO at 70: Former US Ambassadors to NATO on the Past and Future of the Alliance

Nicholas Burns, US Ambassador to NATO, 2001-2005; Victoria Nuland, US Ambassador to NATO, 2005-2008; Ivo Daalder, US Ambassador to NATO, 2009-2013; Douglas Lute, US Ambassador to NATO, 2013-2017. Moderated by Elise Labott.

NATO was formed to “keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down,” Lord Ismay, NATO’s first Secretary General once famously quipped. But as NATO turns 70 this year, political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic are questioning whether the alliance can withstand Russian resurgence, American isolationism, and German doubts. Ambassadors Burns, Nuland, Daalder, and Lute—all US ambassadors to NATO—collectively served in that capacity for nearly sixteen of the past eighteen years. From the 9/11 attacks and the launch of the War in Afghanistan to the Libyan Civil War and Russia’s annexation of Crimea, they have helped guide NATO through crucial political and military challenges. Join them for this exclusive members-only event as they share their defining moments as NATO ambassadors and discuss the future of the alliance.

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