Millennials, Money, & Mobility: Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Eileen Buckley, Director, National Responsible Business Leadership, PwC; Co-Author, Millennials & Financial Literacy—The Struggle with Personal; Oliver Kupe, Managing Partner, Fort Point Capital Partners; Brianna McGurran, Personal Finance Expert, NerdWallet. Moderated by Gaby Dunn.

Millennials, Money, & Mobility: Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Millennials are becoming the most influential consumers in America and the world. They are taking over the US workforce and some are soon to be the recipients of the largest wealth transfer ever. Their financial behaviors—how they spend, save, and invest money, manage student debt, prepare for retirement, and secure sustainable wealth—are crucial indicators of global economic trends. And their embrace of digital banking, cryptocurrency, and even robo-advisors are disrupting the entire financial sector. In what ways are financial institutions today changing their business models to satisfy millennial preferences? How has the long shadow of the financial crash shaped millennial attitudes toward money, and should we be bracing ourselves for another crash?

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