Malaria: The Fight Against the Silent Pandemic

David Bowen, Chief Executive Officer, Malaria No More

Great strides have been made in combating malaria over the past ten years, with deaths from the disease falling by more than twenty-five percent globally since 2000. While this progress should be celebrated, malaria remains one of the major global health challenges in the world despite innovative approaches to eradicating the disease. On the African continent, the disease still claims a child’s life every minute, and negatively impacts childhood development among those who survive. In addition, the malaria burden imposes a high cost on household income and macroeconomic growth, with up to twelve billion dollars lost in economic productivity annually. These factors pose serious impediments to poverty alleviation and overall development around the world, and in particular, sub-Saharan Africa. Join The Chicago Council on Global Affairs to learn more about what is being done to eradicate this devastating pandemic.

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