Made in America?

Jacques Panis, President, Shinola; Kathleen Wright, Founder and CEO, Piece & Co. Moderated by Timothy Calkins.

Made in America?

American consumers love authenticity, even of the manufactured variety.  A recent study by Edelman Digital found that 40 percent of millennials prefer to buy from local businesses regardless of additional cost over mass-market alternatives. Companies are finding innovative ways to meet the demand for locally produced products by marrying the power of the global supply chain with the art of storytelling. From artisanal luxury wear to sustainable furniture, the barriers between 'manufacturing' and the maker's movement are becoming blurred. What do labels like “Made in America”, “Made in China”, or “Fair Trade” really mean? And if what you’re creating is a brand – is this a trend or a new economic reality?

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Frank Trentmann, The Atlantic, 11/28/16

This Artisan Fabric is Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry.
Olivia Fleming, Harper's Bazaar, 8/12/16

FTC Tells Shinola: Stop Staying "Where American is Made"
JC Reindl, Detroit Free Press, 6/17/2016



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