LIVE STREAM: Twitter, Tear Gas, and the New Global Protest Movements

Nesrine Malik, Columnist, The Guardian; Khaled Mansour, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Arab Reform Initiative; Aislinn Pulley, Cofounder, Black Lives Matter Chicago; Lucía Dammert, Professor, Universidad de Santiago de Chile. Moderated by Erol Yayboke.

From Chicago to Cairo and Caracas to Conakry, hundreds of thousands of people are taking to the streets to call attention to economic disparities and inequalities, demand civil and minority rights, or protest police and regime brutality. As protests continue to accelerate in the wake of the pandemic, and with the global economy in the worst downturn since the Great Depression, are we entering an era of explosive change? Join us virtually as the Chicago Council on Global Affairs convenes an expert panel to discuss this new global age of mass protests and street politics.

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10:00am CDT
Discussion (45 minutes)

10:45am CDT
Audience Q&A (15 minutes)

11:00am CDT
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