LIVE STREAM: Reimagining Supply Chains to Navigate a Pandemic and Beyond

Nicole DeHoratius, Professor of Operations Management, Chicago Booth School of Business; Andy Kettlewell, Vice President, Inventory & Supply Chain Analytics, Walgreens; Girish Rishi, CEO, Blue Yonder. Moderated by Vijay Vaitheeswaran.

Reimagining Supply Chains to Navigate a Pandemic and Beyond

At the height of the pandemic, empty supermarket shelves and worldwide shortages of necessities made supply chains headline news. When suppliers first shut down production in Asia, even the most sophisticated and forward-looking companies worldwide felt the ripple effects. Now, as the private sector in these regions moves past the most acute phase of COVID-19, businesses are taking a hard look at supply chain resiliency, risk, and technological adaptation. How can the private sector ready itself for future supply chain shocks and adjust to a rapidly changing landscape? Top experts in the field join the Chicago Council on Global Affairs to discuss lessons learned from the current crisis and what it will take to prepare for a new normal.

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