LIVE STREAM: Former US Ambassadors to Russia on US-Russia Relations

Raja Krishnamoorthi (Introductory Remarks), United States Representative, 8th Congressional District, Illinois; Thomas Pickering, Former US Ambassador to Russia (1993-1996); Alexander "Sandy" Vershbow, Former US Ambassador to Russia (2001-2005) Moderated by Cécile Shea.

Former US Ambassadors to Russia on US-Russia Relations

As the United States prepares for another presidential election, concerns are mounting about continued Russian interference to undermine American democracy. Meanwhile, Russia’s enduring presence in Ukraine, support for neighbor Belarus amid widespread protests, and poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny are threats to other democratic processes, including its own. At the same time, allegations of Russian bounties on US troops in Afghanistan coupled with Russian involvement in countries such as Afghanistan and Syria have further escalated tensions between the United States and Russia. Three decades after the end of the Cold War, what does the future hold for US-Russia relations? Join the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, and an expert panel to learn more about the complicated US-Russia relationship.

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