LIVE STREAM: Election Vulnerabilities

Noah Praetz, Former Director of Elections, Cook County, Illinois; Whitney May, Director, Government Services, Center for Tech & Civic Life; Lawrence Norden, Director, Election Reform Program, Brennan Center for Justice. Moderated by Peter Spiegel.

Election Vulnerabilities

As Russian interference in the 2016 election starkly exposed, modern voting systems and public opinion are highly susceptible to infiltration and manipulation. From the spread of false narratives in substantial misinformation campaigns, to vulnerabilities in voting infrastructure, election interference is yet again emerging as a defining feature of the 2020 elections – threatening fundamental political freedoms. Going into 2020, how vulnerable are US elections to hackers, and other malevolent cyber operations? What impact will COVID-19 have on our ability to hold free and fair elections this fall, and what effect will it have on (foreign) disinformation campaigns? In partnership with Aspen Socrates, the Council hosts an expert panel to consider the origin and scale of threats to the 2020 election, and America’s preparedness and vulnerabilities in an increasingly critical year.


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