LIVE STREAM: Election Effects for the Midwestern United States

Melissa Bean, Former United States Representative, 8th Congressional District, Illinois; Bob Dold, Former United States Representative, 10th Congressional District, Illinois. Moderated by Cécile Shea.

Election Effects for the Midwestern United States

The American Midwest constitutes 12 states and more than 70 million people, making up about 20 percent of the United States’ population. While the region is often overlooked in favor of attention to the coasts, the Midwest’s history, economy, industries, and demographics are as diverse and dynamic as the rest of the United States. It is a critical generator of American business innovation, an agricultural behemoth, and – as we reflect on the 2020 election – a home to many “battleground” states that help determine the future of our country every four years. Join the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and a bipartisan group of former members of Congress to discuss what the US election results mean for the Midwest both locally and globally. 

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