LIVE STREAM: Economic Recovery or a Vanishing American Dream?

Heather Gerken, Dean and Sol & Lillian Goldman Professor of Law, Yale University; Eugene Ludwig, Founder and CEO, Promontory Financial Group; Ameya Pawar, Former Alderman, Chicago’s 47th Ward; Michael Moskow (Introductory Remarks), Vice Chair and Distinguished Fellow, Global Economy. Moderated by Evelyn Diaz.

Economic Recovery or a Vanishing American Dream?

The American dream has always been rooted in ideals of prosperity, opportunity, and the freedom to build a better life. But in 2020, the most vulnerable in the US economy have experienced nothing but consistent shocks. From the ongoing threat of COVID-19, nationwide uprisings over systemic racism, and a Wall Street detached from main street, these universally shared events have played out amidst pre-existing inequalities in wealth, health, and work in the United States. A 2019 symposium organized by Eugene Ludwig, President Clinton’s comptroller of the currency, convened a bipartisan group of the nation’s forward thinkers to identify and remedy socioeconomic ailments that plague America’s lower and middle classes. As the country struggles to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Council will host an expert panel to examine the past and current economic realities facing lower and middle-income Americans and how to design solutions to rebuild a more inclusive, long-term American dream.

Copies of Eugene Ludwig’s book, The Vanishing American Dream, is available to purchase through the Council’s local book partner, The Book Cellar.

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