LIVE STREAM: Business, Security, and the Global 5G Competition

Venkat Atluri, Senior Partner, Chicago, McKinsey & Company; Meg King, Director, Science and Technology Innovation Program, The Wilson Center; Edward "Smitty" Smith, Deputy Office Managing Partner, DLA Piper, Washington, DC. Moderated by Eliot Dam.

Business, Security, and the Global 5G Competition

The capabilities of 5G technology will radically change how we work, stream videos, and communicate. China has invested heavily in communications technology development – with the aim of dominating the global 5G competition. As telecom companies continue to build up the 5G network infrastructure, how must businesses prepare for the technology today in order to benefit from the performance improvements 5G offers in the future? Are there security and diplomatic risks that countries heavily dependent on Chinese-built infrastructure will confront? And do US companies have the capabilities to compete with the rise of Chinese tech? Join McKinsey’s Venkat Atluri, the Wilson Center’s Meg King, and DLA Piper’s Edward “Smitty” Smith for a conversation on what businesses and individuals should expect as the next generation of wireless technology begins to change the world. 

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