LIVE STREAM: Anne-Marie Slaughter on Leadership and the COVID-19 Response

Anne-Marie Slaughter, Chief Executive Officer, New America. In conversation with Ivo H. Daalder.

Anne-Marie Slaughter on Leadership and the COVID-19 Response

Globally, national leaders have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in many different ways: some with transparency and open dialogue with their citizens and others with opacity and denial -- costing lives and delaying response times. In the United States, many state and local officials have been well ahead of the federal government in taking measures to protect their citizens against the virus. Scientists, doctors, business and technology leaders, educators and civic organizations are also cooperating both nationally and across borders to improve tests, find treatments, provide necessary medical equipment, and continue to provide goods and services in ways consistent with the protection of the population. With uneven national and global leadership, what are the emerging lessons for developing the kinds of institutions that will guide and protect citizens through this and future crises?  Join New America CEO Anne-Marie Slaughter and Council President Ivo Daalder for a discussion on the type of leadership the United States and the world need during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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"Forget the Trump Administration. America Will Save America.", Anne-Marie Slaughter, The New York Times, 03/21/2020


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