Let’s Talk About Funds: Empowering Women Through Financial Literacy

Mary Kay Devine, Director of Community Initiatives, Women Employed; Emily Green, Financial Advisor, Ellevest; Lindsey Stanberry, Work & Money Director, Refinery29. Moderated by Jessica Droste Yagan.

Empowering Women Through Financial Literacy

Why are money matters a taboo for many women? Tremendous progress has been made globally towards women's financial empowerment with record numbers of women joining workforces and managing their personal finances. Yet, research continues to show that women earn less than men and that men are four times more likely than women to ask for a raise – and when women do ask, they receive 30 percent less than men. Women are also less likely to invest, generating an investment gap between genders that can reach as high as $1 million over time. As a result, women retire with two-thirds the money of men, even though they usually live years longer. Women are also primarily responsible for unpaid work, especially in developing countries where they often lack access to financial services, and in some countries even require male consent to work. What role does gender inequality play in money and finance? How can we demystify money and empower women through financial literacy?

Lindsey Stanberry’s new book, Money Diaries: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Your Finances…And Everyone Else’s, will be available for sale and signing from the Book Cellar following the program.

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