Russia, China, and Iran: Reshaping the International Order?

Dina Esfandiary, International Security Program Research Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School; Ariane Tabatabai, Associate Political Scientist, RAND Corporation; Adjunct Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security. Moderated by Brian Hanson.

Russia, China, and Iran: Reshaping the International Order?

The most significant challenge to the post-Cold War international order is the growing power of ambitious states opposed to the West. Iran, China, and Russia stand poised to take advantage of the US withdrawal from the world stage and reshape the world order. Iran’s relations with Russia and China have helped it form a bulwark against Western efforts to isolate it. From political exchanges and international trade agreements to military cooperation, closer cooperation among the “triple axis” on these issues would have critical implications for US interests and the Western liberal order it has championed for decades. Will these relationships prevent the US from fully isolating Iran once again? Where are relations between Iran and Russia and Iran and China heading, and how could the US react?   

Copies of their new book Triple-Axis: China, Russia, Iran and Power Politics will be available for sale and signing after the program from the Book Cellar.

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