LIVE STREAM: Weapons of Math Destruction - Data and Statistics in Foreign Policy

Craig Kafura, Assistant Director, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy; Karl Friedhoff, Marshall M. Bouton Fellow for Asia Studies

Weapons of Math Destruction - Data and Statistics in Foreign Policy

The deployment of data and statistics shapes our understanding of policy and politics and how we see the world around us. In 2016, statistical errors skewed polling results and inaccurately depicted the state of the election. How have polling professionals responded to the shortfalls of 2016, and what facts and figures might be weaponized in the final presidential debate before the election? As the two candidates get ready to face off, join the Council for an expert briefing on 2020 public opinion, polling, and the use of data in foreign policy.

Following the program, the conversation continues virtually on CCGA.LIVE, where you’ll be able to engage with other globally-minded people, share your reactions to the debate, and be provided with expert analysis from our programming and public opinion teams.

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7:15 pm CT
Program begins (15 minutes)

7:30 pm CT 
Interactive audience Q&A (15 minutes)  

7:45 pm CT 
Program Adjournment*

8:00 pm CT
Presidential Debate begins*

*Conversational commentary continues on CCGA.LIVE at program adjournment, and throughout the presidential debate

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