The Jungle Grows Back: A Case for American Leadership

Robert Kagan, Stephen and Barbara Friedman Senior Fellow, Project on International Order and Strategy, Foreign Policy Program, Brookings Inst.

The Jungle Grows Back: A Case for American Leadership

After World War II, the United States embarked on a quest to execute a succession of policies to generate a more peaceful, prosperous, and democratic world – carving a pruned garden out of an overgrown international jungle. But Robert Kagan argues that this environment created by America could be artificial and ephemeral if we allow it. With the rise of political partisanship both at home and abroad, and the exhausting role of keeping global instability in check, some Americans are increasingly leaning toward a withdrawal from American global leadership. What will the world look like if the US withdraws from its leadership role? Will an American retreat cause the international jungle to grow back?

Robert Kagan’s new book The Jungle Grows Back: America and Our Imperiled World will be available for sale and signing from the Book Cellar following the program.


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