Latin America's Populist Revival

Roberta S. Jacobson, Former Ambassador of the United States to Mexico; Peter Schechter, Founder, Altamar; Joel Velasco, Principal, Albright Stonebridge Group; Juliana Kerr, Director, Global Cities. Moderated by Juliana Kerr.

Latin America's Populist Revival

The center appears to be collapsing across Latin America. In Colombia, Ivan Duque’s tough stance on the FARC peace deal and the economy swept him into office in June. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s left-wing populism delivered a historic electoral victory in Mexico this past July. And Jair Bolsonaro’s outspoken, far-right platform has made him a frontrunner for Brazil’s presidential election in October. Twenty years after Hugo Chavez took power with a populist agenda, Venezuela is in turmoil. Will this new wave deliver on their promises to tackle the region’s corruption and inequalities? And how will these elections affect relations with the United States?


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