Israel's Domestic Politics: A New Era of Dissent?

Hirsh Goodman, Senior Research Associate, Institute for National Security Studies, Tel Aviv University

Israel is experiencing its most powerful social unrest in decades. Notwithstanding the historic demands of achieving peace and security—or the ongoing upheavals in Egypt, Syria, and beyond—public protest and domestic instability have shifted Israel’s national conversation on the present and future challenges facing the nation. How does the strength of national leadership, the domestic political process, and shifting geopolitical realities inform Israel’s future success? Join journalist and security analyst Hirsh Goodman, who argues that today, Israel’s survival is jeopardized more by the competence of its leaders and fissures in its social and political system than by any outside threat—even the rise of a nuclear Iran.

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His latest book, The Anatomy of Israel's Survival, will be available for purchase and signing following the program.